Dallas-based pain management doctor John East and business partner Brandon Knutson launched their new biomed company BioTras, LLC and unveiled a unique medical training tool, the AsTris, to revolutionize the cadaver industry.  

East has performed over 20,000 spinal injections over the course of his 17-year career. 

“It takes extreme precision and experience to get it right but until now, the only way you could practice was on a live human, cadaver or crude, non-realistic models,” said East.

That’s why he and Knutson set out to develop the patented spine model and take the patient out of the training equation.   The simulated cadaver allows resident physicians, fellows, post-grad physicians and others to practice performing hundreds, even thousands of injections before ever injecting a real person.  It is different than anything currently on the market and is made of a proprietary synthetic medium that has the feel of human tissue.

All of BioTras’ simulated cadavers are clear, which allows the practitioner to observe needle movement as the needle is advanced towards the spine.  The product is also made of re-constructed human vertebrae, ribs and other real bone elements that allow visualization under all forms of imaging.

BioTras has expanded beyond Interventional Pain Management with their simulated cadavers and are building custom units for spine and orthopedic companies.

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